Live to Eat



A 20-year long dream achieved.

One of Alex Tang’s fondest childhood memories was the food prepared by his mother & grandmother. These memories stuck with him throughout his life, and gave him the inspiration to apply nontraditional and unique cooking and presentation methods to an American audience. Through this vision, he found great success, working in top New York and Pittsburgh restaurants and winning 1st place in WHIRL Magazine’s Best Dish Award of 2017. His partner in crime, Mimi Lee, had a similar upbringing growing up closely to street foods in her neighborhood and managing her own breakfast shop for ten years. Their passion and love for each other and for food helped to drive their dream of opening a restaurant of their own.

Together, they hope to share authentic, delicious Asian foods to the public with the opening of Mola.

Fresh & unique

At Mola, we pride ourselves with providing fresh and healthy foods to our guests. From hand rolls to rice bowls to bubble teas, we prepare food with only quality ingredients. For our hand rolls and edomae-style sushi, we use crispy seaweed (nori) and warm sushi rice. We work closely with our seafood vendors to bring in the freshest fish. Our rice bowls are made with high-quality sous-vide protein, rice, and vegetables. All of our foods are prepared fresh and never fried! We apply this same standard of diligence to our drinks, serving bubble tea with real tea leaves and freshly prepared tapioca.

To make sure that you can experience the best that we have to offer, make sure to eat your hand rolls and sushi quickly!

Green is our favorite color

From paper straws used for all of our drinks, paper takeout containers, and compostable takeout utensils, our restaurant promises our guests an environmentally-friendly setting accompanied by fresh foods.